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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Welcome to Peated Perfection!

I've listed some FAQ's to help us get acquainted. 

Who are you?
I'm a whisky enthusiast, based in Queensland (QLD), Australia. I'm in my 30's, I'm married (Hi Liz!), and I like long walks on the beach.  

Do you like stuff?
Absolutely! Aside from whisky and cars, I also enjoy the occasional bit of Call of Duty, and I dabble in bass guitar. I do have varied taste in music, mainly of the 'heavier' variety. Favourite bands would be Metallica, Disturbed, Machine Head and System of a Down, but also Powderfinger and Cypress Hill. I also enjoy Ska (google it if you don't know, it's pretty awesome), some Bob Marley, and even little Opera. Yes, really. 

What will you be posting about?
I'll mainly be posting whisky reviews, because it gives me an excuse to drink whisky, and because I enjoy it. I am not a whisky professional, I am not involved in the whisky or beverage industry in any way. Other than a customer and supporter, I suppose. My reviews will be my opinions, and I will try and be unbiased where possible (some times you just love something and see it through rose-tinted glasses!). I will also be posting general whisky articles for discussion, mainly on happenings in the industry, or happenings on the local whisky scene. 

Why should I care?
Good question! Well, the whisky reviews are designed to help you make informed decisions, when you're standing in the bottle shop, or browsing that on-line store, or doing your research beforehand. If you come across a whisky I have reviewed, you will at least have my opinion on what it is like, whether it is worth your money, and whether you might enjoy it. So, my posts may (and I hope they do) save you from a negative whisky experience. The general discussions are there to keep you informed, and sometimes for me to get something off my chest, in which case you hopefully will find them entertaining and/or informative as well. 

But I'm not in Australia :-(
Well, we can't all be perfect can we!?! If my post is 'location-sensitive', I hope it will give you an insight into my local world, from wherever you may be, and it may give you a new perspective on your own. Rest assured that, generally, the whisky I get here is identical to what you can get wherever you are. Pricing is another story, but let's get to that later.

So, that's it at this stage, if you have any other questions, comment below and I'll see if I can come up with something!